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Pandharpur is a sacred & religious place of God Vittal and Godess Rukmai. Pandharpur is situated on the bank of river Chandrabhaga, in Solapur District of Maharashtra. Also known as southern Kaashi, Pandharpur is approximately 210 kilometers from Pune. Marathi is main language of communication, the other languages spoken there are Hindi and Kannada.

It is said that Hoysala King VishnuVardhana had constructed the Temple of Lord Vittoba. Located in the centre of Pandharpur town, temple has 8 entry points. The main entrance is known as Mahadwar, which is also called as Namdev Payari.

Lord Vitthal & Rukmai are considered as the reincarnation of Lord Krishna & Rukmini respectively.The idol of God is portrayed as ‘standing on a brick’, which was believed to be thrown by a devotee named Pundalika. To view the deity two types of Darshanas can be made. The deity can be viewed from long distance that is termed as "Mukha Darshana". Unlike most Hindu Temples, here devotees are allowed to touch the feet of Lord Vittal, this is known as "Pada Darshana".

Near tomillion Hindu devotees walk till Pandharpur and visit the deity during ‘Ashaadi Ekaadashi’ this is known as ‘Padayatra’.

Ashaadi Ekaadashi comes on the eleventh day of Hindu month Ashada, it will be around in the months of June or July.Lakhs of devotees walk in processions with Palkhis. People follow Palkhis of Sant Tukaram & Sant Dynaneshwar, from Alandi and Dehu respectively. All way to Pandharpur, they repeatedly chant names of Lord Vitthala with deep religious zeal and forget the world in his devotion. These followers are known as Warkaris. Warkaris are people who follow the wari tradition. The state Government arranges necessary establishment for this grand parade. Many people, organizations and groups voluntarily arrange food and other essentials for these devotees.

Mutts of temple trust are available in Pandharpur, you can book room in them. Good numbers of lodgings, hotels and guest houses are also available in the town.You can choose accordingly. It’s very tough & difficult to get the accommodation, during festival season.It is better to plan before in advance and pre book your room. The best time to visit Pandharpur is October to February. Some of the places to be visitedwithin the city are Sant Kaikadi Maharaj Math, Sant Tanapure Maharaj Math and ISKON Temple.

Pilgrims visit with lots of devotion and to get the blessings from the almighty.

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