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Saptashringi is one of the holy temples devoted to Goddess Durga. Saptashringi is located in Nanduri village of Nasik district of Maharashtra. There are Sade Teen Shakti peetha or three and half adobes of Goddess in Maharashtra. It is regarded as half Shakti peetha among them. It is 215 kilometers away from Pune city.

Saptashringi temple is also regarded as one of the 51 Shakti peethas of goddess Shakti. In Hinduism it is believed that there 51 Shakti peethas all over Indian subcontinent. These places have temples devoted to Goddess Durga or her different reincarnations.

The story about these places explains that, when Sati wife of Lord Shiva died, he carried her body wandered around the universe. Vishnu with Sudarshan Chakra cut her body in to 51 pieces. Those pieces fell on different parts on the Earth. These places are known as adobe of Goddess and center of her immense power. Folklore stories also presents about these places. People visit these Shakti peethas to receive the blessings of Goddess.

"Sapta" means seven and "Shringa" means Point, Saptashringi temple is situated on seven hills on Sahyadri mountain ranges. This is the reason that Goddess here is known as "Saptashringi Mata" which means mother of seven peaks.

Piligrims have to climb 500 steps to reach the temple inerter to have a glimpse of the Goddess.Now for the convenience for the elderly pilgrims, ropeway is also available to reach the temple at the hill top. The temple is a two storied building. The idol of Goddess is said to be "Swayambu" or self manifested. Idol Saptashringi Mata is covered with Sindhoor and decorated with ornaments like Crown, nose ring, ear ornaments and necklace made out of gold. Deity can be seen only during timings between 6 AM to 9PM.

Chaitra which occurs between March & April, commemorates the grand festival. This celebration is recognized as "Chaitrotsav". Hugenumber of devotees from different states & different part of India participates in this celebration. They present different offering to the Goddess and seek her blessing.

October to February weather will be pleasant so it is best time to visit Saptashringi. If you want to see celebration you can visit here during Chaitrotsav.

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