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Shakti or Parashakti, as per Hinduism represents Goddess that is Supreme power. Shakti is also recognized by different tags Devi, Bhagavati, Parvati. Pilgrimstrust she is the mother of entire Universe, She controls & rules the universe by her energy. The temples dedicated to Goddess Shakti are considered as sacred places. In Maharashtra four such pilgrim centers are famously known as "Sade teen Shakti peeth", which leans three and half temples of Goddess. They are

1) Mahalaxmi temple at Kolhapur

2) Tulajabhavani temple at Tulajapur

3) Renuka Mata At Mahurgad

4) Saptashringi Mata at Vani

First 3sacred places are said to be complete Shaktipeeth and the 4th one Saptashringi, is treated as half Shaktipeeth. It is a common belief that all these 4 places should be visited at one stretch and it’s considered to be is very auspicious.


Kolhapur MahaLaxmi Temple

Mahalaxmi temple is situated in city of Kolhapur on the banks of Panch Ganga River. The temple belongs to 7th century was built by rulers of Chalukya dynasty. Afterward also temple is rebuilt by other monarchs. This temple is known as to be one of 51 Shakti Peethas (the Goddess of Power). Mahalaxmi is believed to be consort of Lord Venkateshwar of Tirupati. The idol of Goddess Mahalaxmi is decorated by crown made out of gold and gem stones and other golden Jewellery. Four times Arati is offered to Goddess Mahalaxmi.


Tulajapur Tulajabhavani Temple

Tulajabhavani temple is located at Tulajapur in Osmanabad district. Tulajabhavaniwas family deity of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj.It is said that Tulajabhavani blessed him and gifted him a sword as a boon. The temple has very big premises. It has 2 holy ponds and other various temples. The idol of Tulajabhavani is believed "swayambu" means self manifested. Here Gudi padwa, Navaratri and Makar Sankranti are the celebrated with lot of zeal and devotion.


MahurgadRenuka Mata

Mahurgad is situated in Nanded district. The Goddes Renukamata is worshiped here. According to Hindu mythology she is mother of Parashurama, reincarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Goddess is family deity of many people in Maharashtra. Navatra is one of the famous festival celebrated here. Mahur is also birth place of Lord Dattatreya. Other than Renuka Mata, temples of Dattatrya, Anasuya Mata and Parashurama are also the same should be visited.


Saptashringi Mata at Vani

Saptashringi is one of the Sade Teen Shaktipeethas. It is regard as half Shaktipeetha among them. It is situated near Nashik. The temple is placed on seven hills so Goddess is called as "Sapthashringi Mata" which literally means mother of seven peaks them. During Pooja, the Goddess is decorated with golden ornaments and beautiful attire. In the month of Chaitra a big festival is celebrated here, which is witnessed by thousands of devotees.

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